Advance Intelligence Based System for Job Interview Assessment in Siba Group of Companies


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 “Advanced Intelligence Base System for Job Interview Assessment” which is the topic for this research work is focused on making the readers and users of the system to understand and know how effective the computer system and its applications can be use to manage and secure the interview processes of competent personnel or staff  which is also the case study of this research.

Before the introduction of this system, several challenges has bedeviled the adequate management of interview of professional employee in Siba, challenges such as time consumption in the general process of administering the interview process, poor standard form of mechanism been employed in the process of file storage, intruders and impersonators having a nice moment in accessing some classified data of Siba thereby falsifying the accurate records and information of recruitment processes , etcetera.

But this new system after implementation will be able to bring these various challenges out of the scene thereby creating convenience, improved organizational security and improved welfare of staff. Visual Basic .Net [Express Edition 9.0] was use in developing this application. Also included in this research work are the concepts of Job interview, an overview on professional recruitment, process of professional recruitment, concept of information system in recruitment.


Advance Intelligence Based System for Job Interview Assessment in Siba Group of Companies




 1.1  Introduction

Effective Job interview assessment and subsequent recruitment of staff to various agencies and organization have consistency remain the major concern of many, as the quality and competence of an employee in any organization will determine how far they will go in terms of market expansion and service delivery James H. (2006). 

It is a potent instrument for judging knowledge and competence of a prospective employee. An exam is credible if it possess the following key elements; free and fair devoid of partiality cheating and all forms of examination malpractice candidate impersonation is one of the prominent forms of examination malpractices. There is a general idea that a more knowledgeable personality is hired as machinery to write exam for the criminal candidate.

And invigilator identifies a genuine candidate by his identity card that bears his name picture and other relevant information out of all the information present on the candidate’s identity card, only the pictures is verifiable on the spot. That is the invigilator looks at the face of the candidate and tree to match it with the picture on the identity card. Huffcutt, A. (2010).

An Advanced intelligence base system for job interview assessment is a system with the framework of processes and procedures used to ensure that an organization can fulfill all tasks required to achieve its objectives by way of effectively recruiting the most reliable professional personnel. Huffcutt, A. (2010). For instance, an environmental management system enables organizations to improve their environmental performance through a process of continuous improvement.

A more complete system would include accountability (an assignment of personal responsibility) and a schedule for activities to be completed, as well as auditing tools to implement corrective actions in addition to scheduled activities, creating an upward spiral of continuous improvement. A professional recruitment and management system can be developed in house (within the organization) or outsourced. This can be accomplished by outsourcing certain components or the entire system. Scot, Y. (2013). A specific case is the geographical distribution of the development team.


1.2     Statement of the Problem

 In recent time, several challenges has faced the effective and efficient management and interview process of job applicant into various institution in the country especially Siba group of companies. And as such has really made the general output of work and service to be downgraded due to the number of incompetent employee working for various organizations.

Other problems include lack of effective database system to save records, Information are subject to mutilation and dampness due to poor storage, It increases stress and work rate for administration of the recruitment process of staff.  Unqualified professional been employed in the process, general misplacement of recruitment materials, time consumption in the management and examination process of potential staff. But with this new system of professional recruitment management system, all the above named challenges will be effectively brought to rest.   


Advance intelligence base system for job applicants assessment

1.3  Aim and Objective of  the Study

This research is aimed at developing an advanced intelligence base system for job interview assessment.  With the following objectives;

  1. To develop a Job interview assessment system for a prospective employee.
  2. To develop a system that will test the competence and intelligence of individual seeking employment.
  3. To develop a system that will ease off the inconvenience usually experience with pen and paper process of Job interview.
  4. To develop a system that will improve the knowledge base of computing in the Siba group of company.
  5. To develop a system that will help reduce the incessant recruitment of unqualified and incompetent staff in Siba.
  6. Development of intelligent, object based or objects oriented user interface system for ease of record storage database.

1.4  Significance of The Study

 The significance of the study includes.

  1. It would help to reduce the level of intrusion and malpractices existing during the process of Job interview.
  2. It would help to improve the number of professional hands been recruited or employed for a particular Job.
  3. Managers of the system will feel or experience utmost relief and convenience when using new system.
  4. It will help enhance the quick retrieval of records and information at ease.
  5. It would at the end of the job interview give a result if the applicant is suitable for employment or not based on his/her result.

Advance Intelligence Based System for Job Interview Assessment in Siba Group of Companies

1.5  Scope of Study

The scope of this research work is based on advanced intelligence base system for job interview assessment with reference to Siba group of companies, Ikot Ekpene.

1.6     Organization of the Study    

This project is segmented into five chapters they are;

  • Chapter one starts with the introduction, theoretical background, and statement of problem, aims and objectives of the study, organization of research and definition of terms.
  • Chapter two is concern with the review of related literature.
  • Chapter three is concerned with the system analysis and design which includes: Research Methodology, System Analysis, Analysis of the Existing System, Problem of the Existing System, Analysis of the Proposed System, Advantages of the Proposed System, and Disadvantages of the Proposed System, System Design, Input Layout, Program Flowchart, and Output Format.


  • And also Chapter four consists of system implementation and documentation which are system design, diagram, choice of program language, analysis of modules, programming environment, hardware/software requirement and implementation.
  • Chapter five contains summary, conclusion, constraint of the study and recommendation.


1.7  Definition Of Terms

  1. Advertisement: An advertisement is an announcement in a newspaper, on television, or on a poster about something such as a product, event, or job.
  2. Historical: Historical people, situations, or things existed in the past and are considered to be a part of history.
  3. Interview: An interview is a formal meeting at which someone is asked questions in order to find out if they are suitable for a job or a course of study.
  4. Media: The main ways that large numbers of people receive information and entertainment, that is television, radio and the newspapers
  5. Recruitment: The recruitment of workers, soldiers, or members is the act or process of selecting them for an organization or army and persuading them to join.
  6. Specialist: A specialist is a person who has a particular skill or knows a lot about a particular subject.
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