Do a book review on Poems of our clime by Alexander Okponette

Do a book review on Poems of our clime by Alexander Okponette

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Book Title: Poems of Our Clime

Author: Okpongette Alexander

Place of Publication: Uyo

Publishers Ventures: Idyll

Year of Publication: Nill

Reprinting: Nill

Language Used: English

Edition: Copy right edition

Preliminary pages: i-ix

Main Pages: 1-51

ISBN: 978-012-093-9

Review by:……………



Poems of Our Clime is collectively arranged and organised from preliminary pages to the main pages. In the preliminarily pages, the poem  consisted of the title, the author’s name, place of publication ISBN, dedication, acknowledgement, preface, forward and the table of contents that is written in roman figures. The author has arranged the sections in this book technically.

The first part of the book started from the cover page that consisted of preliminary pages and the main body of the work that started from page 1 to page 14.

In a nutshell, the author’s aim of writing this book is to expose the ills and corrupt practices in our contemporary Nigeria society.

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